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Cary (CSeven) Windham – Vocals, Guitar

Cary Windham

Cary Windham is a very talented and romantic man with many passions in his soul!  Through the years, he has loved, married, and had precious children and adorable grandones tug at his heartstrings.  He has lived his life fully, and in turn, loves his special life!  He is quite consistently expressive involving his emotions, fears, loves, dreams and desires, while at the same time maintaining his renowned mystique.

Music has been a passion for Cary since early childhood.  He listened to his mom singing songs by Patsy Cline, Tammy Wynette, Loretta Lynn, and many other great artist while she cooked breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Cary recalls sitting with his dad while he played guitar and sang songs by Glen Campbell and Chet Atkins.  He recalls influences by the likes of Conway Twitty, Johnny Rodrigues, Hank Williams, Elvis Presley, Ray Price, Charlie Rich, and Alan Jackson. 

At age 35, Cary picked up his first guitar and taught himself a few chords. He explains, because he had been writing poetry, he felt confident that he could also write songs comparable to Hank Williams and the great, popular artists such as Conway Twitty.  Cary began to realize he could feel his personal soul within his own songs. He gained self-confidence early on, and retained the comfortable feeling.  He began to believe he had that kindred spirit, along with great artists of the time.  Cary explains, “In the simplest of forms, I’ve written and grown from there. I have lived, played, and observed among the greats from Luckenbach to Nashville.  Most importantly, I have honed within me that which seemed dormant.”  Cary’s performances often include the warmth of romance, the heat of increasing passion, and occasional bursts of soul.

Cary says what was once his pastime to sit around in small, quaint groups, jamming, playing, and song swapping has changed.  His increased, burning desire has evolved to live performances and much larger crowds.  He wants to share all his passions through his songs, so all may hear, and relate to the common emotions that we all carry in our daily lives.

Cary says, “I am simply me in my songs, and I deliver from my whole soul.  I also feel and touch other’s souls in rhymes and songs as I am moved.  It’s been said before, but it is true, my life is much like a song!  Therefore, I want to sing it!”

Lois Jenison
“Promotress” of “Walburg Songwriter Wednesdays”

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